Hobby photographer seeking input to strengthen my craft.

Welcome to my eye candy

This is a peek into my world as I see it through my lens. Feel free to gather your comments and insight. Please, enjoy the journey.


Carp River is Creeping

Gathering the rising waters of the Carp River in Negaunee Township during the year 2013 spring snowmelt. Winter was late to arrive in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and overstayed its welcome.

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Reap the Whirl-wind gov. Snyder

Gathering emotions on the steps to the Marquette county courthouse in a response to Gov. Rick Snyder’s legislation that poses a major threat to unions. All this riding on the coat tails of what happened in Wisconsin.  

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Sun Thirsty

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Gathering cold while dreaming of hot.

Colors are Alive on the Dead River

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Gathering life on the Dead

October 3, 2010  was a day full of bright sunshine, vibrant leaf colors, and warm fall season temperatures. The colors were so bright I had to try and capture, I mean, gather UP some fall 2010 color.

Tid bit of Teal Lake

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Gathering tid-bits of Teal Lake

No concept attempted here. Just a few, pre-peak, fall photos of Teal Lake in Negaunee on September 29, 2010. I did use, on a couple of photos, the editing software that was included with the camera……I would like to add more to this slideshow once the fall colors have peaked.

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

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Gathering Orange in Houghton, Michigan

 On September 18, 2010 I traveled to Houghton, MI.  to snap some photos. The concept behind these images was to capture anything and everything Orange. I found that it altered what I look for in a photo idea. It was a great experimental exercise in changing my perspective.

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